Static Pressure Test of Fire Hydrants – It’s a Must

The system of static pressure tests of fire hydrants had become much easier with the innovation of new computer software’s and other sophisticated systems. Fire hydrants pressure testing is very crucial in the designing and planning of automatic sprinkler systems. With the evolution of modern system software’s supreme accuracy and precision is maintained throughout the scenario of fire hydrant tests.

Fire hydrants should be tested regularly so as to assure their capacity to deliver a pressure and flow rate that is quite necessary for firefighting procedures. Normal or reliable pressure of water is considered to be maintained at 20psi for efficient fire fights and also to avoid any contamination of water resources through back flow.

If this pressure fails to be maintained or is below the safe level, then fire fighting systems may get jeopardized or compromised very badly. As you know, even the large engines for fire fights are incapable to carry an amount of 2000 gallons. Usually the fire fighters will relay on the nearest water sources as their aid for additional need of water. The fire hoses will route water to the pump which is then again made to gush through the hoses directed to the fire rage. It is very important to maintain the static pressure of fire hydrants and hence the static pressure tests too.

We can’t just go for a second thought in case of these tests as otherwise this can evoke many problems. If the pressure drop is smaller, one could expect greater amount of water availability during fire fighting measures.

Once we consider the instruments for fire hydrant pressure test, we have to study on the hydrant flow testing apparatus, with car pressure gauge pitot pressure monitor, telog test recorder etc. A flow test mainly includes two fire hydrants one is the residual or test hydrant and another is the flow hydrant. Here the cap which covers the hydrant is opened and is connected to one equipped with a pressure monitoring system. Now, appears the static pressure which is considered to be the water pressure at the hydration outlet.

Inspection of Fire Hydrants – Something to Think Of

Inspection of fire hydrants has a greater importance in the scenario of fire fighters. Actually the system has become easier and safer, with the evolution of new technology using computers and other ultra sophisticated measures. One of the major procedure in the inspection of fire hydrants include the pressure testing of hydrants, this has a lot to do with designing and make up of automatically functioning sprinkler systems.

Hydrants should be inspected regularly to assess and strengthen the capacity and pressure of hydrants. The usual maintained pressure is calculated about 20 psi for the need of fire fighting’s and to prevent contamination of sources such as rivers and streams from back flow. In case of any failure, pressure maintenance may affect the fire fighting pumps very adversely.

Large fire fight engines are incapable of occupying even around 2000 gallons and hence the fire men have to relay on water sources nearby. So if the pressure of fire hydrants is not inspected at regular intervals, then it will be a jeopardizing situation. Only if properly controlled and checked fire hydrants could work effectively in emergency situations.

Now, what about the instruments or devices for checking the hydrant function? It includes a series of measures that comprise of hydrant flow checker, pressure gauge, telog test recorder and pitot pressure monitor. There are two fire hydrants mainly included in checking the flow rate or used for flow tests. One is the residual hydrant which is otherwise known as test hydrant and another flow hydrant.

Whats the Deal With Dogs and Fire Hydrants?

It’s been common talk for years as we wonder why dogs pee on fire hydrants. Is the fire hydrant a shape they recognize? Is there something about fire hydrants that magnetically draw dogs toward them? Does it have something to do with the fact that fire hydrants spray water and that triggers the dog to have to urinate?

While it’s true that dogs do indeed pee on fire hydrants, the reason has nothing to do with the hydrant itself. It’s all got to do with marking their territory. Dogs (primarily male dogs) will urinate on hydrants, telephone poles or pretty much anything in order to let other dogs know where they’ve been. In the wild, dogs will pee on rocks, trees, or any vertical surface to stake their territorial claim. They lift their legs to show dominance by marking a higher spot.

Because it’s in their nature to mark their territory with urine, when dogs are walked in the city along a sidewalk, fire hydrants are the only upright item available for them to pee on. The hydrant is not special; it’s just more readily available to dogs. And you know how it is, once one dog has peed on something, every other dog has to pee there too. It’s not like dogs look for a fire hydrant to pee on like humans look for “restroom” signs when we have to go.

That being said, fire hydrants have become iconic symbols due to their popularity as urinals for dogs. You can hardly search a pet store without running across some type of pet item in the symbol of or reflecting a fire hydrant.

For example, many stores offer a plastic fire hydrant that is for use outdoors as a storage container with a lid to hold Fido’s dog food or toys. Then there are a gaggle of plush toy fire hydrants, some that even giggle when your pooch plays with them. There are fire hydrant pillows for your pampered pet, dog collars with a fire hydrant design, and a fire hydrant-shaped dispenser for doggie clean-up bags that attached to your dog’s leash for easy poop scooping while you’re walking him.

Fire Hydrant Equipment – Hose

Fire hydrants, also known as a standpipes, are located along various points on a water mains network. A hydrant standpipe allows the flow of water from the main to feed an attached firefighter’s hose to put out a fire.

Above-ground fire hydrants got their start in the 1800s, but underground hydrants were in operation in Asia and Europe as far back as the 1700s.

Fire hydrants may be referred to by other common names, such as “fire plug” or “Johnny pump” depending on the locality. In the old days, before fire hydrants were invented, firefighters had no choice but to use bucket brigades or hand pumps to deliver water for putting out fires.

Nowadays, firefighters connect their fire hose to the hydrant and opens a valve to release water from the water main to the hose. Hydrants can be fitted with various kinds of valves so that they can be connected to a desired to water source, either pressurized or not.

Most fire hydrants are designed to accommodate a rate of flow of no less that 250 gallons (about 950 liters) per minute.

There are generally two kinds of hydrants: the dry barrel and the wet barrel. The wet barrel hydrant contains a constant supply of water, while a valve needs to be released to let water flow.

The principal advantage of a dry barrel hydrant is that it avoids the situation where the water supply can get frozen in cold weather. Some wet barrel hydrants are made of bronze in place of iron, or they may be given a rust-resistive coating on the inside.

The barrel of a fire hydrant is what gives its “standpipe” name. Some hydrants may be rounded, while others be more angular.

The outlets are usually made of bronze to ward off corrosion in this vital part that connects to firefighter hoses, but the caps may be of other metal.

Hydrant standpipes are generally manufactured to work with both key and bar or ball valves. They may be available in fixed or swivel heads, and equipped with single or dual-head discharge couplings.

The double or dual-headed standpipes are attached to a common base section, but can be installed as a single head by inserting a blank plug into one of the outlets.

In cases where the standpipe will be tapping a drinking water main, then the practice is to insert a one-way or no-return check valve to prevent contamination of the main water from unsafe water that can flow back from the hose into water system.

While the primary purpose of hydrant standpipes is to supply water for fire or other emergency situations, the local water utility may allow licensed uses.

Municipalities and Utilities Companies Gradually Delegating Fire Hydrant Maintenance

NFPA standards and state regulations dictate certain maintenance of fire hydrants. For many decades cities, counties, and/or utility companies have maintained hydrants outside of public easements as a courtesy to tax-payers and commercial property owners. Over the last few years, due to liability concerns or simple cost cutting, the responsibility has been gradually relinquished to business owners. If you have been contacted by your local government to maintain your hydrant(s), this article explains your new requirements.

Why is this necessary? Even with society’s massive advancements in technology, the most efficient way for a fire department to extinguish a fire is still copious amounts of water. Copious amounts of water meaning hundreds or thousands of gallons every minute. The only way to obtain this much water is from a fully functioning hydrant in close proximity to the fire. Unfortunately, fire hydrants are outside and subjected to the weather every minute of every day. The only way to ensure that a hydrant is ready and able to do it’s job is through regular annual maintenance.

Who is affected? Generally property owners of multi-acreage property with fire hydrants located more than sixty to eighty feet from a public road. Even if your local municipality has not contacted you, pro-active attention to the situation is strongly recommended as future potential insurance claims may be denied by insurance companies that find no record of current hydrant maintenance in the event of loss from fire.

What exactly needs to be done? First and foremost the hydrant needs to be opened and flowed. Pressure and flow gauges shall also be attached to the hydrant to read gallon per minute (GPM) flow as well as a “projected” flow that fire departments will expect to receive from the hydrant. Caps of the hydrant are painted various colors to represent the GPM expected at a particular PSI, generally 20. It is also encouraged that the shut off valve for the hydrant (buried underground) is verified to be functional. Finally, hydrant threads shall be cleaned and lubed with a food grade anti-seize product.

Detoxification – Beat the Flu with A Body Detox

If you are suffering from the flu, you may be able to beat it with a body detox! The flu can make you miserable and unable to work.

Influenza, also known as the flu, is a virus that causes an infection in people. For most people the infection is mild but uncomfortable, and in some rare cases, severe and even fatal.

People that already have weak or compromised immune systems sometimes die from the flu. Infants, the elderly, and people infected with HIV/AIDS are especially at risk.

Even for those of us able to fight it off, the flu can be miserable and inconvenient.

So how can body detox help you? If you already have the flu, it can help you rid your body if the virus much quicker. It can also help you avoid getting the flu in the first place since it helps you be a healthier person with a stronger immune system.

Since influenza is caused by a virus, there are not really any medications available to speed your recovery. Medications are available to treat your symptoms, but these medications do not cure the flu.

A body detox can help, however by cleaning out the toxins that cause the virus to build up in the first place. The sooner you rid your body of the harmful substance, the sooner you will get better.

It may be possible to rid yourself of the flu in 24-72 hours with a body detox. You will recover from the flu and feel even better than you did before getting sick in the first place. The type of detox you choose will vary according to your specific needs. A liquid-based body detoxification diet is probably the best option when you are using it as a means to recover from the flu.

Levels of the Aura, Body and Consciousness

A look at how there is a connection between the Aura and the Human Body and Consciousness.

Become aware of the energy field that surrounds your body. You can feel this with your hands. Rub your hands together for about 30 seconds quite quickly so they become warm. Hold your hands about 150cm/6″ apart and bring them closer together and further apart. Can you feel the change in the energy as you do this, you may even feel a little resistance?

This is the energy, which I am talking about. To a certain extent it is invisible, though some people can see this energy.

Lets take a look at the levels of the Aura and how they relate to the levels of the body and consciousness. A good example to use to show this effect is a piece of paper with some iron filing on it. These are all random until we bring a magnet under the paper then they all start to line up and follow the lines of force of the magnet. In the same way the energy field that surrounds the human body is like the magnet and holds all the parts in that layer in place: Like the level of the cells.

If you put an EEG (Electroencephalograph) on your scalp you can measure the electrical current of your brain waves. But where there is electricity there is also magnetism or a field of energy created by the electrical current flowing. If we say that the flow of energy is our thoughts and the field of energy is our consciousness and this field of energy extends out around our body to create the Aura you start to get a good understanding of the Human Being.

But it is a little more complex than that. Within the Aura there are distinct layers and within the body there are also layers. We are a whole person but we are made of numerous parts. Take for example the heart this is operating on an automatic level of consciousness. You could say that it has its own field of energy and the impulses of energy flow through the heart and contract the muscles. This impulse also creates a finer layer of energy controlling the cells within the heart and forms a finer layer within the Aura.

Therefore we can say that distinct layer in the body creates the layers in the aura and in consciousness.

For example we can suggest the layer of the parts as follows:

Layer . . . . . . . Aura . . . . . . . Area of influence:

organs. . . . . . . Etheric Body . . . Physical Blueprint:

Liquid. . . . . . . Emotional Body . . Emotional Feelings:

Cells . . . . . . . Mental Body. . . . Beliefs:

Molecules . . . . . Astral Body. . . . Relationships:

Atoms . . . . . . . Etheric Temple . . Group Consciousness:

finer particles . . Celestial. . . . .Imagination and intuition:

void or vacuum . . Causal . . . . . . Telephathy, Divine or God:

There are also the energy centres within the body, which also have an influence on the aura. The Chakra Systems: these are seven energy centres that are spaced out along the spine and head: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown.

You can see from the above how your thoughts and feeling can have an effect on your physical body and aura. There is a need to love your Self and to do this on the levels I have just mentioned above. Self-love is the best cure for dis-ease. Choose your mood first. Do not make your mood conditional on what is happening in your live. Choose to be happy, fulfilled and content just as you are. Then you can choose to improve your current situation from a happy, healthy outlook on life by making small adjustments.

You may need to review allsorts of different areas of your life. Do this by being conscious of them and asking if this situation is currently serving you or would an alternative be better. If you feel that there is a better way, slowly change to it. This will help balance your energies and bring you back in tune with your destiny.

Body Wrap Treatments – What to Expect

If you have never had a body wrap treatment, you probably want to find out more about them before you shell out your hard earned money at the spa.

Some of the most common questions about herbal wrap treatments are:

What exactly is an herbal wrap?
How does it work?
Do they actually work?

In this short article below, I intend to answer these questions, and explain everything you need to know about a slimming wrap treatment so that you know exactly what to expect in advance.

How Are These Treatments Performed?

People undergoing slimming wraps normally have their abdomen, legs, arms, and neck wrapped with towels or bandages (either dry when wrapped or soaked with a liquid herbal body wrap formula). The towels or bandages help compress the tissue, as well as absorb and help remove excess body fluids and toxins. They are wrapped snugly (though not too tightly), creating a thermal blanket that promotes sweating and helps in the removal of unnecessary interstitial fluid (fluid located between the small spaces of body tissues).

The Benefits Of Herbal Slimming Wraps

Herbal wrap treatments are natural, most often containing a combination of different herbs and minerals designed to improve the skin and promote inch loss. Essential oils and organic salts are also commonly used in wrapping treatments. Certain ingredients will not only help tone and soften the skin, but will also help you lose body inches. Results are often noticed after the first wrap treatment, but 3-4 body wraps are recommended for the most significant results. Do remember that toxins and interstitial fluids eventually find their way back in to your body, so having regular “maintenance” body wrap treatments will provide better long-term results.

More About Body Wraps Treatments

Herbal wraps use detoxifying organic materials, such as sea clay or aloe vera, to draw toxic chemicals from the body and improve skin tone and texture. In order to get the most out of your wrap treatment, it’s best to exfoliate the skin prior to your wrap, or perform some type of body scrub.

Most body scrubs use a blend of oils with fine and coarse grains, and are followed with the application of emollient lotions to further soften skin. Skin will feel soft, and fine lines will lessen after just one treatment. Such deeply relaxing treatments are shown to decrease stress, thereby lowering blood pressure. Since the skin is our largest body organ, detoxification can have incredible effects on our overall health.

Breakthrough From That Flabby Body

Do you have to attend a party this weekend and you are not fitting into that dress as it is too tight? Is detoxification what you have in mind for an effective weight loss? Do you want to lose those extra inches off your stomach or thighs? Do you keep longing for a toned body? If the answers to all these questions is ‘Yes’, you can only find refuge in inch loss body wraps, slim wrap, and weight loss wrap are what you can opt for.

You can opt for a number of weight loss body wraps as per your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of products such as

* Sea clay,
* Dry mineral clay,
* it bandages,
* Sauna suit,
* Inch loss body wrap kit,
* Anti-cellulite it kits,
* Anti-cellulite slenderizing gels,
* Aloe vera liquid, or
* Herbal liquid formula.

Body wraps, also known as herbal, mineral, seaweed, or heat wrap, have nowadays become very famous among the people who want to lose weight quickly. These wraps are especially effective for the ones who want to lose that extra flab from belly, abdomen, or stomach. There are several types of it available, including instant weight loss, skin firming, detoxification, cellulite, and face slimming wraps. Additionally, there are various wraps available to get firmness in saggy skin on neck, arms, thighs, and so on. Moreover, after a detoxification, the products like skin moisturizers, facial skincare products, and various treatments for rejuvenation work in a much better way than before.

In case you are planning to go for inch loss body wraps, then here we have a few points on what to expect and what not while choosing them:

Examine body wrap elements or ingredients:
* It generally happens that these ingredients when applied to your body gradually penetrate through the open pores of your skin. Hence, it becomes really important to check that the materials used, should not be harmful in any case.
Safety comes first:
* The technicians say that a lot of dehydration happens when inch loss it are used. Therefore, one should remain well hydrated both before and after going for this therapy. And if you experience any kind of unusual symptoms in body, then consulting a doctor is must. Some types of it available these days do not cause this dehydration, it is therefore advisable to opt for such products only.
Allergic reactions:
* Before going for this program, you must consult your physician to check if it can spur any sort of allergic reactions to you. This is a serious aspect of the treatment. So, it can neither be left to mere assumptions nor can it be trusted with the wrap technicians.
Discuss about medications:
* If you are following a regular medication cycle, it becomes your responsibility to tell about it to your technician. It is must for a technician to know if you are suffering from any disease like diabetes, heart problem, or high blood pressure.

Health Through Nutrition With Body Balance

Most people can relate to problems with their automobile, well the bottom line is that without spark plugs for any vehicle, the vehicle will not run. Well, let’s put that in relation to our health. Without good nutrients for our bodies, our internal organs will not run properly. Body Balance can provide that for our bodies.

Body Balance has a wide array of phytonutrients and critical trace and ultra-trace minerals, which are important for the proper functioning of enzymes, co-enzymes and metabolic processes. Body Balance keeps your body in that fine-tuned and optimum performance level.

Every human being in the world today needs the essential trace elements in their diet, even our children. However, with ours soils being depleted of these vital nutrients over time and our farmlands being drained, it is more vital now than ever for us to find a resource that is able to fill that void, Body Balance.

Body Balance uses only sea vegetables that are harvested from untouched waters from around the globe, ensuring a comprehensive range of good health-promoting nutrients. One of those main nutrients is Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera has traditionally been used for thousands of years around the globe and in many cultures. Aloe Vera has demonstrated time after time, the wonders it can do. Aloe Vera alone contains over 75 nutrients and over 200 active compounds, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which have been proven through scientific study.

The components, along with the Aloe Vera, in the Body Balance work together to support the digestive system thus providing you with optimum health. With the use of Body Balance on a daily basis, it has been reported that: energy and vitality have increases; feeling of well being increased; digestive health improved; and immune system improved.

People in today’s society are looking and looking for that perfect supplement to give them the results and peace of mind, knowing that they are doing some good for their health, why? Because as we get older, the more we don’t feel as good as we did five years prior or even ten years. By making a choice to do something about it now, you can start to regain that feeling of good and now at the same time, you will have the peace of mind knowing you doing something for yourself and your health.